The Time for Civil Disobedience is Here

The struggles against the eco-social crisis are multiplying in Europe as we approach the point of no return. A few weeks ago, temperatures were recorded at 30 degrees above average in the Arctic and 40 degrees in the Antarctic


Juan Bordera, Agnès Delage and Fernando Valladares

In his letter "The last speech I give before I become a criminal",1 one of the best living Danish writers, Carsten Jensen, has given us a powerful text. An enumeration will gain even more power and resonance over the years as the echo of our presumed silences reverberates irremediably in our ears. Here are a few pearls from the speech: 

"If you think you can live as you've always lived,

you're wrong.

"If you think your children will have a life like yours,

you're wrong".

"If you think the disappearance of insects won't turn

empires into rubble, you're wrong.

"If you think humans can't live like rats, you're wrong.

"If you think the planet's patience is infinite because it has endured the presence of your species for a few hundred thousand years, you're wrong.


For a full read of this brief, click here or on the picture to download the pdf file.


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