The Capture of Democracy to Impose Marketocracy

—Why Democracy is a Hoax

Álvaro J. de Regil

his paper is an excerpt of “Marketocracy and the Capture of People and Planet”, published in June 2021, which provides a holistic assessment of the unsustainable trajectory that humanity has been following since the First Industrial Revolution and the capture of democracy by capitalism.

The “Capture of Democracy to Impose Marketocracy” section debunks the myth that we live in democratic societies. It explains why, instead, what governments regard as democracy is a hoax. We will see that true democracy is an entirely different ethos to the one we are enduring under capitalism. Under the current marketocratic paradigm, instead of a societal edifice designed to procure the welfare of every rank of society—and with special emphasis on the dispossessed—we have a system of alienated, individualistic and disengaged from the public matter consumers. It is a system designed to maximise the shareholder value of the market’s overlords. This is the tiny elite of institutional investors of international financial markets and their corporations in this age of imperial monopoly capital. This is a system imposed at the expense of the vast majority of the world’s population and our home Planet Earth, to which we are only one among many species.

Hence, this is my contribution to raising the questions and finding the answers to critical events that we are witnessing as I write. This should help the common citizenry gain knowledge, take consciousness, and empower themselves to make well-informed decisions that can contribute in turn to organise and put in check the agenda pursued by the global elite of the less than one per cent. The current events must make saving our species and our planet the fundamental issue and the overarching and quintessential cornerstone of our effort to transition to a new sustainable paradigm. It cannot be one of many vital issues, but the single element that drives our vision to achieve sustainability that fundamentally determines how we draft our new paradigm.


For a full read of this brief, click here or on the picture to download the pdf file.


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