Marketocracy and the Capture of People and Planet

The acceleration of Twenty-First Century Monopoly Capital Fascism

through the pandemic and the Great Reset

Álvaro de Regil Castilla

he purpose of this study is to examine the trajectory that the world has been following since neoliberalism was imposed on humanity half a century ago. Its specific aim is assessing the ulterior motivations—and their consequences on humanity and the planet as a whole—of key groups and individuals of the global elite with powerful influence on the world’s governments and multilateral institutions. Among these are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Elon Musk,Jeff Bezos and, last but not least, the World Economic Forum (from now on WEF), and the purpose of its proclaimed “Fourth Industrial Revolution” through “The Great Reset”. I believe that, on the one hand, we are enduring perilous times for life on our planet, as the direct result of the capitalistic-driven Anthropocene that has put the planet on the brink of crossing a tipping point with dramatic transformations that can become cataclysmic and that threaten the future of all living things. On the other hand, we have a dangerous global elite that has captured our governments and unilaterally pretends to impose their agenda, which true intentions are a future they deliberately keep opaque but are advancing in the most undemocratic manner. It should be extremely evident that the common citizenry is never asked to participate in the discussions and decisions that the elite pretends to advance and implement on behalf of humanity.

Hence, this is my contribution to raising the questions and finding the answers to critical events that we are witnessing as I write. This should help the common citizenry gain knowledge, take consciousness, and empower themselves to make well-informed decisions that can contribute in turn to organise and put in check the agenda pursued by the global elite of the less than one per cent. The current events must make saving our species and our planet the fundamental issue and the overarching and quintessential cornerstone of our effort to transition to a new sustainable paradigm. It cannot be one of many vital issues, but the single element that drives our vision to achieve sustainability that fundamentally determines how we draft our new paradigm. It is in our self-interest to become cognisant about the damning catastrophe that we are facing, stop our numbness and individualism and coalesce to change the current doomed trajectory and veer to what Paul Burkett calls an eco-revolutionary tipping point. This is the cross-sectoral defensive struggles of ecological, communitarian and urban movements coalescing as an ecological socialist movement against "this system of monopoly-finance capital and its state functionaries," the tiny elite who thinks it owns our planet.


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