Our Nature

The nature of The Jus Semper Global Alliance is global, citizen-based, true-democracy embedded and inclusive. Our nature is firmly anchored on the concept of Global Civil Society. Civil Society constitutes the citizens who mobilise to oversee the functioning of the government and of the market, who actually get involved in the public matter and who mobilise public opinion to ensure that both government and the market abide by the law, as well as to ensure the protection of the welfare of all ranks of society.


Modern Civil Society

Modern Civil Society is a governmental body of citizens. It is formed by groups organised in a variety of forms to get involved in civil matters and protect the public interests on specific issues. Indeed, the agendas and objectives of its individual organisations deal with specific public interests covering together the entire realm of civil matter issues that affect the welfare of specific communities. In many ways, it seeks to parallel government in the most pressing issues of the public matter. Civil Society is a dynamic force of citizens with a social conscious, always changing as it sees fit, that feels the need to participate in the governmental process in an exercise of bottom-up democracy.


NGOs and Bottom-up Democracy

The Non-Governmental Organisation or NGO is the archetype organisation of citizens in the most-modern sense of Civil Society. We choose the name of NGO to convey our independence from government whilst we devote our work to functions traditionally associated with government. There are NGOs with macro and micro-economic agendas, in famine eradication programs; we get involved in education, health, the environment and all other aspects, both at the political as well as the operational levels. Thus, we cover every aspect of the social agenda locally, nationally and globally. Civil Society is, thus, formed by organisations put together by citizens interested in the public matter and fully conscientious of the great shortcomings of the government and of the greatly unjust ethos that we are presently living in. More than anything, Civil Society is the most important player of a new truly democratic ethos because it is the only player capable of making bottom-up democracy come about. The major contribution of Civil Society is the creation of the new democratic building, from the development of its very structure to the daily exercise of participation in the public matter. This is how true democracy is embedded in our nature.


Affinity and Inclusiveness

In this way, TJSGA is formed by an array of civil organisations with a strong affinity in our work in search of global social justice. Furthermore, in sync with our nature, we seek the inclusiveness of all stakeholders who play a direct role in the execution of TLWNSI. Thus, as explained in our Structure page, we seek to involve all, workers, corporations, consumers, governments and all concerned citizens as partners in our program for gradual wage equalisation.


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