Scenarios of Participation

In order to develop successful leverage with the global MNCs that we approach, an alliance as global in nature as possible is required. Furthermore, because many organisations specialize in different aspects of the social agenda, both at macro and micro levels, many organisations will make a meaningful contribution if they are able to participate in their area of expertise. Thus, there is no straight jacket that member organisations will have to adhere to in order to participate. In this way, member organisations will join our alliance to participate in the initiative from the perspective that they choose, in line with their mission and principles.

Following are the strategic elements of activity in which organisations can participate as well as the four levels of participation. These four levels of participation group the activities/contributions within the range of full involvement to a basic participation. For a comprehensive description of our Alliance and of TLWNSI, and a detailed explanation of the scenarios and levels of participation, download the latest version of .


Strategic Elements of Activity:

1. Information gathering/industry research

2. Advocacy

3. Awareness


Levels of Participation:

A. Board membership for the design of policy, strategies and tactics

B. Advocacy Effort: Before corporations and before governments and multilateral organisations

C. Awareness: Before social/labour networks and before consumers

D. Basic Support

Member organisations do not have to participate in all of the activities of one grouping, and they may also participate in areas of activity of different groupings.


For additional information about joining our Alliance, contact us by e-mail at info. request



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