Ukraine: The Crime of War

Alejandro Teitelbaum

he ground and air attack on Ukraine is an international crime. Putin's claim to justify the aggression with the aim of "denazifying" Ukraine is unacceptable. Putin's use of this argument does not erase the fact that this problem exists in Ukraine, as various publications and international organisations such as Amnesty International have denounced: The Ukrainian authorities have not taken effective measures to prevent and punish acts of violence committed by "extreme right-wing" groups, which have become increasingly frequent since 2015. Victims of such violence and threats, including women, LGBTI rights activists, left-wing activists, Roma families and other individuals and groups targeted by members of "far-right" groups, remain vulnerable to attacks, intimidation and harassment.

There can be no doubt that this dramatic situation, which primarily affects all the peoples of Europe, has as its backdrop the geopolitical and trade war between the United States, China and Russia as its main protagonists. It would be preferable for the peoples of Western Europe if, in place of NATO, an instrument at the service of US strategy, the states of the European continent, from the Atlantic to the Urals, were to find a path of peaceful coexistence and global security in the context of which mutually beneficial technological and commercial exchanges could be intensified.

But this is a long road to travel, which requires that the peoples first disengage themselves from the European governments on their knees before the USA. This subjugation is partly explained by the subordination of these governments to the sector of transnational industrial and financial capital hegemonized by the United States...

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