The Light Side of the Mooney... Money
— from Redistribution to Distribution

Andrea Surbone

I've seen things you people wouldn’t believe. The environment on fire off of human greed. I watched the social divide spread so far out that it becomes a U-shaped turn […] The free interpretation of Roy's famous monologue in Blade Runner is useful for introducing Philopony - getting out of the money paradigm, the essay with which I take part in the book “Work and the value of robots - Artificial intelligence and non-occupation”.

Philopony, a Succinct Definition
Before starting, a few words about Philopony; industriousness in Plato's language and lexicon; is given in the text not only as a talent for doing but parting from stress on effort, on fatigue—πόνος (pain), coming to the concept of commitment, to get involved, both personally and as part of the the community...

the laws of economics are artificial laws not to be confused for any reason with the laws of nature… Being able to adopt the ideas of theartificiality of the economy is a first step which is all an inner and intellectual event yet necessary to achieve emancipation.


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