The World Today, The Economic and Political Ethos in Which We Are Living

By Alvaro J. de Regil

The essay establishes the philosophical scope and moral principles upon which TLWNSI is anchored and describes the current economic and political ethos. It opens by establishing its central principle and its philosophical framework. It subsequently presents the basic principles and fallacies of economic Neoliberalism and then establishes the right moral angle. The fundamental principle in the essay is that human solidarity must be above all other values, for it is the only path to human co-existence. Otherwise, we will not survive with an ethos of narcissism and hedonism that claims that individualism is the way to go, for imposing the latter ethos would take us back to the worst of our human nature and would put us on the path of conflict and destruction.

The reader will notice that despite the fact that the essay was prepared in early 2000 -before September 11, the Argentinean Crises, the Bush mock election and, to be sure, the U.S. invasion of Iraq- its perception is quite evocative of the now openly imperial imposition to the world of the U.S. hegemonic geopolitical agenda.


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