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 Democracy — Best Practices

Toward the Formation of a Transnational Alliance of Working and Oppressed People

The last written words of Comrade Samir Amin (2018)

Samir Amin and Firoze Manji

or the last thirty years, the world system has undergone an extreme centralisation of power in all its dimensions—local and international, economic and military, social and cultural. Representative democracy, having lost all its meaning, has also lost its legitimacy. Late contemporary capitalism matches all the criteria of totalitarianism. The glorification of competitiveness and the freedom of the market, which the subservient media present as the freedom and efficiency of civil society, are in fact the antitheses of the actual situation.

Membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (which is inextricably linked to the construction of Europe) and the militarisation of Japan reflect the requirement of this new collective imperialism that has taken over the national imperialisms. The ecological devastation that is necessarily associated with capitalist expansion reinforces the reasons why this system is not viable.

There is no alternative other than that enabled by a renewal of an international radical left… There is no alternative in Europe, as elsewhere, to the setting up of national, popular, and democratic projects (not bourgeois, indeed antibourgeois) that will begin the delinking from imperialist globalisation. The hypothesis of a workers and peoples’ internationalism opens up ways to further evolutions that are necessary and possible.

An alliance of all working peoples of theworld, including all wage earners of theservices, peasants, farmers, and thepeoples oppressed by modern capitalism,must be founded on other new principles.

Comrades, we call on your sense of historical responsibility. This meeting could help identify the conditions for achieving new revolutionary socialist advances (taking stock of the lessons of past revolutions). In the absence of such progress, the world will continue to be ruled by chaos, barbarian practices, and the destruction of the earth.


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