The Fair-Trade movement, the WTO,

n sync with TLWNSI, the Jus Semper Global Alliance advances the establishment of a new truly sustainable economic paradigm where all trade is fair trade including labour.

In this way, this resource addresses the fair-trade movement and its emergence as a possible vehicle to achieve true sustainability. In pursuit of this endeavour, TJSGA performed an assessment of the current state of the fair-trade movement. Th
is study concludes that in order to achieve congruency between the claims made on behalf of fair trade and the quality of the actual sustainability that it generates, the bar must be lift dramatically in order to deliver dignified quality of life standards both for small agricultural producers and labourers who have to deal with global corporations in a very unlevelled-playing field. The study contends that the only way to achieve true sustainability for all stakeholders is to establish a new people and planet-centred paradigm that replaces the current Darwinian market-driven ethos. The study argues that this can be accomplished in the span of one generation (thirty years) if global civil society commits today to this endeavour.

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This resource also provides (below right) links to major trade data sources relevant to TLWNSI, from a multilateral trade organization perspective. These links include a connection with the latest Doha Trade Round of the World Trade Organization. From time to time, we will also include other trade issue items relevant to TLWNSI.









Statistics in Brief

Statistical Databases

OECD Trade Data


World Trade Statistics

Trade Agreements

The Doha Round

WTO's Cancun Fifth Ministerial Conference

UNCTAD/WTO International Trade Centre

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