Corporations in the Crosshairs: from Reform to Redesign – What can we do about global capitalism and their corporations if we want to save our planet?

Corporations have become the real powers of the world in the twenty-first century, controlling governments and multilateral organizations and the life of societies across the world. Today they wield more political and economic power than many states and have a direct influence on the political ethos of the metropolises of the world’s capitalist system. They have captured the nation-states that emerged in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The institutions of so-called representative democracy were hijacked in service of a tiny oligarchic elite, the robber barons of today, who have imposed a marketocratic system that privileges the maximization of shareholder value over the sustainability of people and the planet.

Allen White’s thinking about how to make corporations truly sustainable in all dimensions is always stimulating. His new paper on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate redesign provides a fitting opportunity to discuss the possibility of changing the status quo, to put the sustainable welfare of people and planet as the purpose of truly democratic societies instead of the current situation where the institutional investors of international financial markets dictate how to run the world for their exclusive and unsustainable benefit.

The Great Transition Initiative (GTI) organized a forum on the future of corporations as part of its mission to understand the contemporary world and shape its future by envisioning a truly sustainable planet.

Jus Semper has chosen the initial brief prepared by White, where he proposes a radical redesign of the purpose of corporations to change their nature and raison d’être, three commentaries in reaction to his proposal and his response to these commentaries and others posted in the forum. If you are interested in reading other views on the topic, visit the GTI forum: Corporations in the Crosshairs.


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