elcome to our community of socially-concerned individuals! In addition to our member organisations, thousands of concerned individuals worldwide are joining to support and benefit from our Global Alliance on behalf of The Living Wages North and South Initiative (TLWNSI). As a socially-concerned citizen and a civic consumer, you can participate by supporting our mission to achieve living wages and a dignified life for all workers of global corporations in the world, and of course, there is no fee to join our Global Community of concerned individuals.

Responsible consumer behaviour - the critical factor
Your support is crucial in showing corporations our leverage to make them benefit or suffer the consequences by using our consumer power in a conscientious, socially-responsible and selective manner. A large global community of responsible and socially-concerned consumers is the critical factor to make things happen with global corporations.

How your consumer behaviour supports our mission
At this early stage of our program, you can support us by staying informed about our progress in establishing our network. You will benefit from receiving the information you need to exercise your right to choose, as a consumer, and support or not a specific corporation with your purchase. In doing so, with every conscientious consumer decision you make, you will be rewarded with the feeling that your consumption is supporting the livelihood of thousands of workers in the world, who otherwise would remain in an extremely miserable situation. You will also be supporting with your business the companies that are empowering their workers in the South to live a dignified life. This support will put tremendous pressure on their direct competitors to become socially responsible and join our program, for your support of genuinely socially-responsible companies will weaken the market position of those that insist in exploiting their workers.

A win-win cause
You will additionally be supporting the sustainability of jobs for workers of these corporations in the developed world -including your own community if you live in this part of the world- as we help to decrease the loss of jobs in the North by improving the wages of workers in the South. In this way, we will contribute to the gradual expansion of the market in the South, which in turn will begin to produce new jobs both South and North, in order to cope with the increased demand for goods and services. This makes everyone benefit: workers North and South, consumers, global and domestic companies, governments and Global Civil Society. Even more important, by becoming a socially-concerned and civic consumer, you will contribute to sustain TLWNSI until we reach our long-term goal to establish a sustainable and people-and-planet-centred global market system (as oppose to the current financial-markets-centred market system) which will make this world a better world for all.

Stay in touch closely
By staying informed, you will stay abreast about our progress, and of any events and campaigns that we or our partners may launch. You will find out how together we set out to close the wage gap in the countries where global corporations operate. To stay up to date on the latest events, we recommend that you visit as often as you can the Support Specific Campaigns page of our website. Additionally, we will be happy to e-mail you our newsletter with a wrap-up of our activity.

Spread the word
Increasing our community of civic consumers is critical in consolidating our leverage. The more consumers who consciously decide to selectively consume based on TLWNSI's sustainable and people-and-planet-centred standards, the greater results we will achieve for our cause. So, spread the word to all your friends and family, and encourage them to join our cause.

First step
To get involved and contribute sign up to get our TLWNSI Newsetter here.



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