The International Wage Observatory (IOLW) was launched last Spring as a permanent multidisciplinary collaboration project made up of a team of researchers from Universidad La Salle, Mexico City campus and The Jus Semper Global Alliance.

The project was born as a result of the concern of both parties to develop a research space that addresses salary conditions in the world with due diligence and academic rigor, both from a global and domestic perspective. The project is aimed at assessing real wages and determining what should be a living wage for each economy and for each work activity in a globalized world. The project carries out its work based on the context that, in the current globalized world, there are structures that prevent large portions of the population in the world from enjoying decent wages, due to systemic structures that have caused the participation of labor in the economy to be consistently reduced in the past fifty years.

In the same way, Universidad La Salle University has a special interest in assessing the case of Mexico because these structures have caused labour’s share of income to suffer one of the worst collapses in the world. In this way, La Salle seeks to make an accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes of this failure to influence the design of public policies with structural solutions that solve this problem for the benefit of society as a whole.

This concern has borne fruit for the creation of this project with Jus Semper, who since 2003 has focused on the research of this problem through “The Living Wages North and South Initiative” (TLWNSI), which developed a methodology for the assessment of wage gaps and their underlying causes, particularly in the manufacturing sector, a sector of utmost importance to Mexico for its paramount economic importance.


To envision an environment with a significant reduction in inequality in the world — replacing the economic structures that generate an unequal exchange between capital and labor and between the metropolis of the system and the peripheral countries — as part of the transition to a new transformative paradigm of true democracy and sustainability, whose sole purpose is to pursue the welfare of people and the planet and not the market.



To create a labor remuneration research unit as a joint collaborative effort between "LA SALLE" and "JUS SEMPER" in order to investigate, analyze and assess the salary situation in Mexico and the world from the perspective of human dignity, developing the methodology that correctly defines the parameters of living wages from both global and domestic perspectives to influence the development of policies and solutions that eliminate the gaps between real wages and living wages.


The communication here is the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the institutional position of the University or Jus Semper.

For media inquiries in Mexico, contact: or call (55) 5278 9500, ext. 3107.

The International Wage Observatory is a collaborative project between La Salle University, Mexico City campus, and The Jus Semper Global Alliance

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